Working with Talent

May 21, 2009

Seth Godin writes

There are two ways to work with talent.

The first is to give someone as clean a sheet of paper as possible. “We have these assets, we have this opportunity, here is our budget, go!” That’s a great way to build a house if you have a ton of money and brilliant architects.

The second is to give someone as strategic and defined a mission as possible. “Here are three logos from companies in other industries, together with the statement we want to make, the size it needs to be, the formats we need to use it and our budget, go!” If you do this, you’re almost certain to get something you can use, and almost certain not to be blown away with surprise. Which is the entire point.

I think every person who outsources needs to remember this. Without a detailed brief you will inevitably be disappointed with what you get.


Sentence for the day

May 3, 2009

Seth Godin – Friction saves the medium

Stamps are underrated. Friction rewards intent and creates scarcity.