Consolidating your financial accounts

September 11, 2009

Have a new blog post up on consolidating your personal finance accounts.


Journey into personal finance management

September 7, 2009

Have a new blog post up on the on the first steps that are necessary for taking control of your personal finance.

Department of Conflicting Advice

May 26, 2009

Seeking Alpha writing about how the stock market is really down

Similarly, no one mentions that adjusted for inflation, stocks are still WAY down from their peak during the Tech bubble.

Then the advice follows

My main point is this: inflation is an ever-present reality in the post WWII era. Investors need to be protecting themselves from this beast at all costs. You can do this by:

  • Buying gold
  • Buying commodities or real assets
  • Buying companies that can offset inflationary costs by raising the price of their products
  • Now obviously buying companies is exactly what you do in the stock market. So either the stock market is good in the long term or the advice is rubbish.