G+ First Impressions

It’s been a while since the last post but thought would be good idea to capture my first impressions of Google+.

TL;DR – I really like it and it will become my primary social network over time.

The primary reason I use social networks is to keep in touch with friends and for purposes of discovery. My facebook settings are pretty restrictive with No posting on the wall, No tagging of photos etc. So facebook is used mainly for keeping in touch with friends, people I know IRL (in real life), while twitter is primarily a discovery mechanism for new stuff. But my primary information y mode is still GReader.

With Google+ the whole process of discovery and keeping  in touch with friends is simplified. I had roughly 400 contacts which took me about 3 hours to segregate into friends, acquaintances, followers, etc. So now I have 15 circles with an average of 30-40 contacts in each. Ex-Colleagues, Business Contacts, friends and spouses of friends are now segregated and can be managed in a more sensible fashion and I do not have to wade through lots of junk, I can pick and choose which streams/feeds I want to look at, depending on the time and my inclination.

It’s a lot more streamlined and organised and I foresee that just as I migrated away from Orkut to Facebook and Twitter, a similar process will take place as more and more people come onto G+, I will spend less and less time on Twitter and Facebook. Especially they build better integration with GReader.


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