Is craigslist a mess?

A not-too-flattering story on Craigslist in Wired excoriates the site as well as it’s founder Carig Newmark. Pointing out that their design remains primitive and they do not have new fangled social media or the site doesn’t look fancy. At the heart of it though the complain simply comes down to that they are not monetising their property to the fullest extent.

But their seems to be no consideration that some businesses may just be happy to provide a single service to their customers in the way they think best. Isn’t it better that a real person reads and replies to the customer’s emails rather than in the case of Google which even for one of their biggest products Gmail has no real customer service.

There is no shame in being cautious in what you offer, a slow and steady pace may not always be a bad thing. The whole tone of the article is just plain weird.


One Response to Is craigslist a mess?

  1. […] advertising, and that business is essentially a race to the bottom as far as pricing goes. My previous comment on the Craigslist story, is at the heart of it about destruction of a business model. This is not […]

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