Google Vs. Bing Vs. WolframAlpha search comparison on Factual Questions

Just did a quick experiment between the three search engines on a factual question. Results and comments below

I simply asked for the GDP for Malaysia. Google obviously gave the most hits 2.75 million. It also pointed me to the official statistics website for Malaysia in first 3 hits. Bing is far behin with 1.15 million hits but I like their side bar with related searches. It’s more elegant than one at the bottom for Google.

However I found the Alpha results the most useful. The graph trendline is a nice touch, it converts to local currency on current date.

Going forward this is my search strategy for factual questions, give wolfram a try first, then go to Google for comprehensiveness and then maybe Bing.

Will try some more combinations and post results when I more time.


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