In defense of Kindle

With the caveat that I do not own a Kindle, this NYT article makes no sense.

Please, they’re overlooking the really important concern: How will the Kindle affect literary snobbism? If you have 1,500 books on your Kindle — that’s how many it holds — does that make you any more or less of a bibliophile than if you have the same 1,500 books displayed on a shelf? (For the sake of argument, let’s assume that you’ve actually read a couple of them.)

The article goes on in a similar vein about how people not lugging physical books around make it difficult for others to intuit the literary merit of others.

However with the Kindle it becomes so much simpler to share your thoughts about the book, you can quote passages and put it on your blog, tweet it, forward a book you have liked to friends without worrying about if you will get it back, set updates on Facebook on what you are reading, you can even have meetups of people reading the same book at a particular time without having to ask around and formally organise such things. There are bloggers meets and tweetups and soon we shall see Kindlers Gatherings.

The author obviously is stuck in some kind of 90’s mindset where technology was seen as an alienating factor in human communications. The last two decades have not shown that to happen, the human desire to connect and meet people is simply too strong. So when will NYT and other media publications stop spreading this canard?


One Response to In defense of Kindle

  1. Tyler says:

    “So when will NYT and other media publications stop spreading this canard?”

    When they stop making newspapers and accept the future. Or reinvent what the newspaper really is.

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